Offering website services since 2001

What started as hosting for my own personal wedding photography website quickly grew
 in to hosting websites for friends and co-workers. It didn't take long and through referrals the
number of websites I was managing quickly grew. I now maintain nearly
200 sites and domains for my clients from my office in Bend, Oregon.

Some of the sites I host were designed and built by me, 
others were transferred to my hosting from other web hosts or site designers.

Services Offered

I offer a wide variety of website hosting and development services. Let me know what your site needs and we can work together to find a solution for you. 

I am also a Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Suite) reseller, so if you have need of things like Google Mail, Docs or Drive, Calendars or the other Google Services I would be glad to assist with the deployment of those services as well.

I have experience in Social Media, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other marketing techniques.
Website hosting & design
Custom site programming
Email hosting & mailing list management
Database creation & management
Statistics tracking & analysis
Content Management Systems
Blogs & Social Media Integration

Web Hosting Pricing

Similar sites can have very different needs when it comes to web hosting, for example:

I host sites for artists such as wedding photographers that require vast amounts of file storage space on the server for their galleries and portfolios.

I host online stores for retail establishments, they need SSL security certificates and WooCommerce installed and configured to make shopping easy for their customers. I also assist with configuring credit card payment processing systems such as Stripe and integrating it with their WooCommerce store.

Most Popular for
Content Producers
(Photographers, etc.)


Enhanced web hosting for sites with higher traffic loads or that need additional storage space
Per Month
SSL Certificates
Management of WordPress Updates
Site Backups
Additional services available, inquire about the options
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Most Popular for
Content Producers
(Photographers, etc.)


Web Hosting for 
most standard 
web sites, including WordPress
Per Month
SSL Certificates
Initial WordPress Installation and Configuration
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Additional Services

Different websites have specific needs, so you can 
custom tailor your package to meet your needs.



More Details

Advanced Server
A semi-dedicated VPS (shared with less than 5 other clients in your region). Allows additional options regarding server size, memory, storage, etc.
$70 Per Month/account
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Dedicated Advanced Server
A dedicated VPS just for your site. This allows additional options regarding server size, memory, storage, and choice of region to deploy the server.
$140 Per Month/account
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Google Workspace
Email, Docs, Drive, Calendars, Spam Filtering and more.
$7.20 Per Month/account
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Custom Email Delivery Managment
As the problem of spam continues to grow, mail hosts such as Google Workspace are really cracking down on security. I can assist you in getting SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI records set up to ensure your emails have the best chance to not get marked as spam and get delivered to your customers inboxes.
$35 Per Month/domain
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Domain Name Registration
Some specialty domain names may be higher priced, but most .com, .net, and .org addresses are the standard price.
$15 Per Year
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SSL Certificates & Static IP Addresses
Strongly encouraged for all sites, but necessary for online stores and secure logins.
$2 Per Month
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DNS Hosting, Caching and Firewall
Cloudflare tools are utilized for the majority of sites to increase speed and security. Some clients that are on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform may utilize Amazon's Route 53 service instead of Cloudflare.
Included with site hosting, or stand-alone services start at $2/month.
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Custom Development & Support
Discounted hourly rates are available by setting up a monthly retainer contract which can include site updates, upgrades, training and support.
Consulting & custom development:

Minor updates & meetings:

Simple content changes and training:
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